Projects Management

  • Establish a safety management plan for the protection of industrial designs.
  • Work in synergy with project managers to manage best dedicated resources from the beginning through to implementation and realization.
  • Ensure the safety of personnel engaged in potential risky areas.
  • The resources are safely maintained ensuring productivity.
  • Direct application of security standards from the outset of each project.
  • Implementation of security concepts meeting Security Standards.

Septu Group has developed real expertise in the management of new security projects. Our Team of experts works closely with architects, engineers and project managers to agree on Safety Standards to apply.

The list of projects developed under our Security Management process ranges from new production facilities and R&D units, to the construction of mobile systems in areas such as Algeria, Burma, Nigeria and Indonesia.

Septu Group has also designed, on behalf of the Ministries of Internal Affairs, the security of prisons and migration centres.